I’ve learned over the past weeks to always have the audio recording setup ready when Dave and I chat. We always talk voip and have been trying different setups and applications. But inadvertantly, one of will say ‘we should be recording this’ and I flip the switch.

This morning Dave was up early and we recorded a podcast, where we talked about ’leakage’, played some prince and finally got the sip-phone stuff working



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Okay, are we calling this a trade secret? Yeah, why not? What else would you call it? I’d call it David’s bathrobe.
Exactly, actually I’m wearing shorts.
Luckily, I’m doing a solo queen though.
Let me just tell the trade secret listeners that we’re using the SIP phone, the X10 phone.
I think the quality is definitely lower than other systems we tried, but this is a very open protocol.
What time is it there, Dave? It must be the middle of night for you.
Was it like 5am, 6am? Yeah, no, it’s 3am.
2. 56am.
I just did the open source release of Frontier.
That was a big thing.
That’s almost another way of measuring time.
Your computer problem is back now.
You’re cutting out again.
It is.
Yeah, well, yeah, no.
Just keep trying and we’ll see how it sounds.
So much for recording this.
This computer, we’re at the point, you know, Windows machines, every so often you have to buy a new computer.
It’s the same with the Mac, Dave.
Who’s at the point? Yeah, mine’s on the ropes here too.
Is it really? Maybe it’s time to get like new computers.
Well, I’m quitting things.
Well what I wanted to do is, when we move is when I want to buy a new computer.
That’s always a great time to buy a new PC is when you move.
New house, new stuff, it makes you feel good.
Yeah, I just moved, so maybe my problem is that I haven’t bought a new computer yet.
I think my house… Yeah.
No, go ahead.
Well, I think what happens is you get into all kinds of really heavy stuff that you’re doing and I’ve been doing all this audio stuff and compress ing and recording huge files and I can see it.
You know, when my computer, someone goes wrong and I’ve had to hard reset it a couple of times in the past few weeks, you can see all these indirect orphan nodes, you know, and all this stuff and it’s trying to say, “I can’t repair this and I’ve got…” It should be five instead of four directory points and it’s like, “You know that’s not right. " Yeah, that’s part of it.
The other part of it is that you’re not really supposed to install any software on these things.
Oh, of course, yeah.
That’s according to the license you mean.
Exactly the way the manufacturer sent it to you is how you’re supposed to use it.
So you and I both, I think, have been in the last crazily installing all kinds of crap on our computers.
But those things have in turn been installing all kinds of crap.
You think you said goodbye, you think you said goodbye to them, but… So I tell you though, your computer may be a little bit h osed right now, but I don’t like this X10 at all.
Why don’t you put on your instant messenger? That’s so much better.
All right, let’s do that.
Okay, you can just turn it on during this call.
We shouldn’t have to do too much.
Oh, really? Okay, hold on.
Yeah, let me see if you show up here on the screen.
I explicitly quit though that I have to figure out… You have no idea how crappy this sounds.
This sounds so shitty.
I believe you.
I believe you.
You know, I got a call yesterday while we’re doing this.
I got a call yesterday from Steve Gilmore.
Steve Gilmore, yeah.
I think you got one too.
We spoke briefly.
You know, even when we’re just fucking around and nothing’s working, does he get the real kick out of what we’re doing? Well, if you consider our audience, yeah, I bet people get a kick out of that too.
That’s right.
I’m doing soliloquy.
It’s much better than soliloquy .
It’s the word of the week now, officially.
It’s unscripted news, actually.
I’m linking to it right now.
I have a little review of your … If you want to go get your ego straight, go read scripted right now.
Oh, I’m glad I’m not wearing any underwear.
That’s perfect.
Yeah, you would want to take it off if you were.
I’ll check that out.
I had a good time doing the source code yesterday.
I had a great… It was funny.
It was so much shit.
I had a mask, so many clips and bits and people just sending all the content to close stuff.
Well, that’s what I said.
That’s the milestone that you ’ve hit, basically, that got now all this stuff coming at you.
So it’s really becoming a program.
It is, and it’s funny.
And I love… Go ahead.
No, that’s all right.
I’m getting on to AIM right now .
Okay, yeah, I see you there.
I’m going to drop this call, and then I’ll call you back on AIM.
All right.
So I just hung up, quitting this X-Lite phone.
Okay, Dave just showed up on the… How come this X-Lite phone won ’t go away? It has to go away.
Go away.
Oh, I hate it when this happens .
So I was just sitting there.
I’m going to try and get a hold of Dave.
Well, that other thing is just sitting there with the spinning beach ball of death.
Calling in for…requesting the setup for the call.
You can answer anytime now.
Ah, there we go.
Oh, this is… Oh, yeah, so much better, man.
You don’t… You have no idea.
Oh, good.
Yeah, it really is.
Steve Casey and say, “Hey, man, you did good. " Your shit rocks, dude.
So, yeah.
So, yeah, it was great stuff.
I love that WGBH Boston is a perlute.
Yeah, he sent me a new one.
He sent me a new one today.
It’s great.
All this evangelism.
I love the bit about how users talk about RSS.
I mean, that’s the payoff.
I mean, I so wanted to get out of that mode where mostly what I’m hearing from all of the people who are, you know , either the geeks who control everybody else or the users who are so intimidated by those geeks that they have no confidence in what they’re doing.
You know, those guys sound like they sort of understood what was going on and they just used their own terms, words to describe… That was the Link Linux show.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And I liked a bit about the NAB and drive time and sort of where this is going.
Oh, cool.
It was great.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Anyway, we had a leak, bonafide leak yesterday.
And it appeared because of the open source release plus a pointer to the audio blog post that I did that discusses the release and why we did it and why we, you know, did it the way we did it and what the product is and so forth.
That ended up getting pointed to by Scott Young on the USEL AND Weblog.
And so he said he heard about it from Steve Kirk.
Steve Kirk said he heard about it from you.
Well, wait a minute.
What audio… Did we discuss this in an audio … Yeah, we discussed this in a trade secrets didn’t we? Oh, the trade secrets is fine.
It was the one that I had pointed to from the Frontier Colonel mail list which was embargoed until today.
Now it’s released.
It’s not a big deal if you did point to it from your site.
Of course.
Of course.
It wasn’t a high… But why would I point to it? Hold on.
I mean, if I hardly do blog posts anymore, if I had done a blog post, I would have remembered.
No, I believe you.
Adam, Adam.
No, but I saw the email thread.
I’m like, well, but why did I … Let me just… Let me go back, Dave.
Let me just see if… I believe you.
First of all, let me just say, I wouldn’t say I believe you if I didn’t believe you.
Of course.
It’s just a puzzle.
And then next time, I mean, I did put a disclaimer.
I said, whoever told Scott about it probably didn’t pass that on.
That it was not to be treated as a public thing and whatever.
It’s water under the bridge.
But that’s just how it appeared .
But I’m… No doubt it’s done either, because Andre did make some changes after the fact, but not major ones.
I found it.
You found what? Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Well, yes or no.
You’re not going to believe me.
Oh, this is fucking classic.
Oh, okay.
I get it.
So on the Frontier Colonel list , you posted a link to a… was it a Manila website with the source code? No.
Yeah, yeah.
So what did I do? I went, oh, okay.
That’s handy.
And I immediately subscribed to it in my aggregator.
Remember what happens when I subscribe to something in my aggregator? I got posted to my web blog.
I’m sorry.
Adam, you need to be more careful about that.
Oh, no shit.
That was… That’s a big mistake.
Oh, shit.
I’m sorry.
Listen, okay.
Don’t sweat too much, because we were doing this low security mode anyway.
If we really wanted high security, it would have been editors on the site, and you would have needed a password for anybody, even access the RSS.
They would have needed a password.
So we were kind of playing loose there, and that’s okay.
Just, you know… I apologize.
That was dumb.
You don’t need to apologize.
No, there’s a lesson.
Security is something you have to constantly be vigilant about , and you will someday subscribe to something that’s confidential.
You will somehow need to think about that in terms of how public you are.
Although, what did you say on the blog about secrets? But was this a… Well, yeah.
Considering the title of this show, I guess you’re right.
But was that a problem with user land, or the fact that they didn’t know? No, they knew, of course.
The problem is this, is that when you’re staging a release, basically, you want to check out things with people before you actually release it so that you don’t have to support anything that’s broken in the future.
Because if something’s broken, you can fix it and only it’s very slow and the virtual habit.
If the thing leaks, then of course there’s possibility that people are using a bad version of the software.
So in general, you don’t talk about things that are in the process of being released until the developer says it’s okay to talk about it.
You know about that.
Of course I do.
And you also want your big “oh wow” moment.
You don’t want to… Not in this case.
Not in this case.
We’re setting the expectations low, very deliberately, tough releasing this thing.
We don’t want people to feel like the Earth Shake shook.
Because what eventually, inevitably happens if they do, is a lot more results and it attracts the slaps, daughters.
They come tell you why you’re … How much you suck.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And that kills all the… Build a mentor.
You want to build energy.
You don’t want to expect a big bang.
Because it can’t happen anyway.
This is a very large piece of software.
Nobody’s going to be able to make a contribution to it immediately.
It’s going to take… If you were completely up to speed on the kernel source code , as I am and a few other people are, we won’t be ready to release new things for quite a few months, if ever.
So… So what’s the process now? What’s the process now? Is it just making sure it builds and then going back through stuff? And that’s what I’ve been seeing on the list.
Yeah, right now it’s paranoid.
Did we release any horribly broken software? We want this… What we release today, we want that to be a solid foundation for future development.
We don’t want to take any steps backwards.
In other words, you know, one source file got left out or something, or an old version.
This is far more common, an old version of some source file.
Before 18,000 bugs were fixed.
It gets released and we lose all… You’ve had that happen, right? Where you saved an old version on top of a new version.
That was one of my finest hours .
Well, we do that all the time.
That’s what programming is all about.
They teach you that in school.
Let’s get that out of the way.
The first class is WeShut101.
I mean, that’s the Murphy Law.
You’re tuning into it.
I’ve heard you, your daily source code, go into depth on that about how you can predict success or else God will get you for that, right? Yeah, always.
Always, always, always.
So what the hell are you doing up so early, Dave? I see this more often.
I see you awake at like three in the morning.
I’m thinking like, what’s up with that? My schedule is all fucked up.
It’s like, it’s totally… My schedule is just, you know, whatever.
I sleep when I want to sleep.
I live in the middle of the city now.
It’s really something.
This place is operating right now.
It’s not like New York, but it ’s… I could go out and get coffee right now if I wanted to.
He gets some food, you know.
It’s like, whatever.
It’s a city.
I don’t know.
I’m getting ready to live on European time.
I think I’m going to come to Europe after this.
Really? I don’t know.
After this is what? After BloggerCon or just next year? Yeah.
After BloggerCon, after Seattle , you know.
I don’t know.
Well, we’ll be in England by then, I hope.
You will.
Oh, yeah.
We’re going to be… We’re moving in December.
In fact, Friday, we’re… Patricia and I are going over there.
We’re going to do all measurements and shit.
We’ve got to try and figure out how we put our stuff into our new stuff receptacle.
Oh, yeah.
That’s funny.
So, yeah.
How big is this? Is this a castle, too? No.
It’s… we definitely wanted something smaller.
We’ve had… let’s see.
We’ve had two huge houses, one on the canal in Amsterdam.
We have the castle and we have … and we have a lot of people running around doing stuff and cleaning stuff and mowing stuff.
We have a saying in Amsterdam.
It’s an old Yiddish saying and I’ll say it in Dutch first.
“Eggvent u veil personeel” and that translates to “I wish you many employees. " Yeah.
And so that’s one thing… we ’re just really tired of it, you know? Yeah.
That’s my story.
I mean, we are really tired of it.
Tired of just people in your space.
I love these people.
They’re great, but you know, it ’s still people in your space.
No, you don’t.
You don’t love them.
They work for you and that’s a very different relationship from love.
I mean… Right, but they’re in our personal love space being the house.
And they’re taking up your love space.
They suck up energy.
They suck up lots of energy.
Oh yeah.
That’s what all people do.
And it’s not your fault.
No, no, no.
Absolutely not.
You hired them.
You created the jobs with them.
This is the myth about making it and getting rich.
Thank you.
Oh, thank you.
You’re so right.
What you find out is that money simply buys you distance.
It buys you to be more distant from everybody else.
And part of the way it does it is by throwing all these people into your life that suck up all the energy that you can ’t have now for friends and family.
You are so right.
You can’t hang out with people who are at toys with you.
These people are hanging out with you because you pay them.
There’s a big difference.
But they get confused as well.
They get confused.
I’ve had many people who work for us who felt like they could pretty much become a member of the family.
And you get into really tough situations.
But besides all that, and of course what happened with us, I don’t know, I’m sure that it had an effect.
I know that it had an effect on you was when Patricia got her angina pectris, her heart disease.
We said, “Fuck this.
Why spend one more second on anybody or anything that we don ’t really want to do?” Yeah.
That’s a basic question, isn’t it? Right? And that’s very important.
And at the end of the day, I mean- You can spend one second on it.
I think both of our listeners know that we, both of us are either, let’s say, rich or certainly very comfortable.
And I haven’t spent more than $ 50 off we got anything.
You have such a perception of what wealth is all about and what it’s going to bring you.
And in the past month, I have had more fun in four years time just by sitting here fucking around with people I’ve never met before until, of course, we met online, just plugging wires and shit together.
But all the conversations that have been going on has been very enriching for me.
Yeah, I can tell that.
I mean, you said it in your thing yesterday that it was like the days when it was K-101 or WZ-101.
WH, yeah, Z-100.
The radio station.
Z-100, right.
I mean, the times of growth are incredible.
They don’t come, you know, this is one of those times, basically.
You know, I just sort of feel like BloggerCon is not on that track for me, though.
It’s weird.
Really? You know, this is like third BloggerCon and now it’s no longer all that.
I mean, a lot of, well, by the way, thank you for writing the description.
I appreciate that.
Yeah, was that kind of what you were looking for? I don’t know.
It’s up to you, really.
I mean, the point is, what do you want in that session? It’s really your stick.
I mean, my job is to get you to pay attention to some very basic ground rules, you know? No commercialism, keep the discussion going, you know, don ’t allow people to repeat themselves.
You know, don’t send people out into the hallway, please.
I’ve heard that from some, I’ve now been talking with, I’ve talked with maybe about half of the discussion leaders now.
And I hear that.
And I say, well, you know, one of the things I do is that if somebody, you know, doesn’t want to talk, I tell them to go out in the hallway and continue to ask that because the whole point here is I want the discussion to stay in the room.
And of course, something they really have to say, then let’s make space for them to say it, you know? If, you know, if they want to break a rule, though, then ask them not to break the rule.
Don’t send them out of the room .
I mean, you know, and after that, it’s really up to you what you want to do with that.
Let me ask you a question, Dave .
Let me ask you a question.
Did you work it out with Doug Kay for the, certainly the, the , the, the podcast of BloggerCon , if not direct live streaming webcast? No, not yet.
No, I haven’t talked with him at all.
What has to happen first is I have to get down to Stanford and then, you know, basically have some conversations with the, with people there about, you know, just basically what’s there for us to use.
Doug’s going to ask that question first and, you know, he’s going to need to know that answer and, you know, I don’t know the answer.
You know, I would prefer if we could, you know, basically rely as little as possible on what’s present there.
My experience with the last BloggerCon was that because, I think because we did that, we didn’t even end up, not only did we have a webcast.
We didn’t end up with recordings.
We aren’t MP3s on the Blogger Con site from that conference.
The conference is lost.
Yeah, that’s right.
And it does suck because it was a lot of good shit that happened there.
And, you know, instead of like, you know, me as my, putting on my IT hat here, you know, I was like, what are good strategies? These guys talk about strategies and, you know, there really is a strategy.
This stuff is like, okay, do you aim low? You know, if you aim low and with a higher probability of success, then I would, I think that I would prefer to do that.
In other words, would I trade off the webcast against a higher probability that we actually end up with a, you know, MP3 for each subject? Oh, totally.
Oh, I would, I would totally trade that off.
So we’re in agreement on that.
Oh, totally.
I would say, yeah.
So, okay, so let’s work this through.
So then the question really is, first of all, can we get somebody in each room with a laptop and a microphone and the ability to record? Okay.
Number one.
Number two, and I think that we probably could do that.
We probably could organize that well enough.
Certainly, the people that are coming to your session.
Well, all we really need for the other rooms, Dave, is, you know, if we can supply the microphones, you know, if we have, like, four rooms or five rooms, if we have a mic in each room with a mini three and a half inch jack on one end, then almost anyone in that room will be able to record the session for us.
That’s my point, you know.
And, and then, you know, and then having somebody who’s very good with, you know, with a notebook and writing down the names and, and then pulling teeth to get the recordings out of the people, because, you know, as much as, this is, I talked to Scoble about this and have you ever run a conference? Yeah.
One of the things that running a conference teaches you is that you, you spend a lot of time just asking over and over and over and over again for the things you need.
And people just don’t want to do it.
So that’s probably, you know, the problem was that Jay McCarthy’s house burned down.
Oh, shit.
That’s why we don’t have, yeah, yeah.
Oh, man.
That’s why we don’t have the MP 3s.
I mean, yeah.
We had MP3s, but they burned in the fire? No, that’s not what happened.
What happened was he got, he got, he got busy doing other things and couldn’t babysit.
Oh, okay.
And, you know, twist arms to get people to give them what they needed.
And I sure didn’t want to twist his arm because fuck his house just burned down.
I’m sorry.
You have to drop that.
I know you’re out.
Well, you know, here’s, here’s why I asked.
We’ve got to get our MP3s.
Here’s, here’s why I asked.
Because I know Doug could certainly do it and I know he would.
Of course, we wanted him to do it for no money.
So I thought, why don’t we, hold on.
He sent me something that I wanted to play.
Yeah, I mean, I would have Doug .
Hello? Ah, we’re back.
I don’t know what went wrong.
I would have Doug do it.
Here’s the, yeah.
Listen, you listen to me? Yeah.
I would have Doug do it and I will if he wants to.
I mean, you know, Doug’s a nice guy and everything.
He’s not politically, you know, I’m worried.
It’s like the Stanford thing here is like, you know, it’s, I want to make sure that we’re, you know, in good solid ground with them before adding any other variables to it.
Because that’s a whole other side to it.
At Harvard, I was there.
I was on site.
I knew people.
And even with that, okay, we still had a bunch of meltdowns on a sort of human level.
And you know, none of that showed through in the conference, I don’t think.
And you know, it came off pretty well, you know.
But you have that.
That happened.
And the thing I’m afraid of is that we have that meltdown, but I’m so far away that I don’t even know what happened.
And I don’t have a rapport with the people he’s working with.
And then the conference gets blown up, you know what I mean? Right.
It all goes back to, you know, setting your priorities.
I mean, could I do a blog or come without a webcast? Obviously.
Yeah, of course.
You did it, you know.
Yeah, we could do one without it.
So I have to make sure that the conference is, you know, we’re on, you know, because the bigger problem I have for the conference, and this is going to be something I’m probably going to start within a few days after I get a couple more sessions announced is that we ’re going to raise some money.
And, you know, how much money do we need? It’s a very, probably 25,000, something like that.
Holy shit.
That’s a lot of money.
Well, that’s not much.
You think it’s a lot of money.
I think we can raise that kind of money.
I don’t think it’s a problem.
That’s what we spent at the first two.
I mean, you know, it’s basically you have to pay for some of the facilities, you have to pay for food.
If we want to have refreshments , we’re going to have to, we have to pay for that.
Who underwrote that last time, Dave? It was a combination of things.
It was, some of it was from donations from people who just gave money like yourself.
You gave $1,000.
I gave $1,000.
Microsoft gave some money.
I don’t remember the exact amount.
Oh, Dave, all of a sudden, I have a great idea.
We can do a pledge drive.
Yeah, we’re going to do a pledge drive.
Adam and Dave are going to stay on there until we have $25,000.
Yeah, then you’re going to go back to that Moroccan hash bar.
You should, when you come over to Europe, you’re going to hang out with my buddies at the, at Purple Rain in the Moroccan hash bar.
They’re cool, man.
You’ll have a bar.
By the way, they were wrong.
You guys were wrong.
I mean, Bush and Kerry are not the same thing.
I mean, Bush is, is depraved.
He really is evil, you know? Somebody got, I heard this on CNN yesterday.
This is really right on.
They were doing some Arab guy and they were talking about, he was like Iraqi or Jordanian or something like that.
He was very smart.
And you know, the problem is that you got these assholes running around like, what’s the name of the guy who keeps cutting people’s heads off? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It was just, it was just, it was just way mean, whatever.
Yeah, this guy, I know what you mean.
Mr. fucking asshole.
People’s heads off.
Yeah, this is not a nice guy.
And then you’ve got, but then you’ve got George Bush who’s laughing about the whole thing.
I mean, that’s what he’s doing.
And all of the Republican talking points are, get on the air and laugh at whoever is saying that you’re fucking up.
Just laugh at them.
And it is the most horrible thing to listen to these guys.
They’re really good at it and they’re really nasty.
And the other guys just won’t stoop that low.
I mean, it’s like the Democrats just sitting there, scratching their asses, going, we can’t be that depraved.
We’re just not that bad.
That’s true.
That’s true.
But is it effective? Is this strategy effective? That’s why the Republicans are winning.
I mean, the Republicans are winning because the people don ’t know who’s telling the truth.
And they’ve managed to sort of like, you know, put so much doubt on that that, you know, people just, so it really is important , I think, that people vote for John Kerrick.
Yeah, I’m gonna be there.
Yeah, I’m gonna be there.
Yeah, it’s not the same thing.
I think we have a lot bigger holes to dig out of if we relic this.
But yeah.
Oh, I know.
I totally agree.
But I think the point that we came up with is, can you hear me, Dave? Hello? Hello? Yeah, I’m here.
Yeah, I hear you.
I hear you fine over here.
The point that we hit on is that in government, it’s so intertwined with so many conflicts of interest and so much shit that, and, you know, Kerry will bring some of that with him too, but I do agree.
Hello? Yes.
There must be something wrong with your computer, Dave.
I hear you fine.
Ding, ding, ding.
What is, what is wrong here? What is the problem on? I hear you perfectly.
Oh, I did hear you perfectly.
You can hear me? Yeah.
Oh, wait.
You can’t hear me.
Hello? Hello? Hello? What’s going on? Okay, why am, why, why are you not, why are you not, why are you not, why are you not here at me? Uh, this is weird.
Uh, hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Yeah.
Can you hear me? Maybe we can try, yeah, I can kind of hear you.
You can hear that one.
You can’t hear that either, huh ? I can hear you fine now.
You feel, you’re sounding very good.
Okay, but you, you should be able to hear this.
I don’t know what it is I’m supposed to be hearing.
Do you hear me now? Hello? Hello? Hello? Okay, I can hear you fine.
Well, hold on a second.
I hate it when this happens.
Okay, now, can you hear me? I, I hear, oh yeah.
Yeah, man.
Then we’re good to go.
Then we’re good to go.
I’m going to play you some music now.
You’re going to play me some music? Yeah.
I’m going to play you some music now.
They did.
You forgot something.
You know what I forgot? What? It’s 3am here.
And you just turned it up to like Max and everyone’s chilling out? Oh yeah, you’re chilling alright.
Yeah, you sent me a link to that.
What was up with that? Is that your song of the day? Like, I was just moving into that song.
I just thought it was like, wow .
Have you heard the New Prince album? No, I’m still catching up on the old ones.
Oh man, hold on.
You got to check this out.
This will kill you.
This is new album Musicology? Good.
What? I got to ask him a couple of questions.
We got to get him on the show here.
He’ll come on.
He’ll come on.
Check this out, dude.
Check this out.
This is from Musicology.
Ooh, that’s funky.
It’s completely old school.
Yeah, it’s completely old school Prince.
[music] Yeah, it’s cool.
[music] That’s like James Brown.
Oh well, totally James Brown.
[music] His shit is, it rocks so hard.
He’s really, really good.
I mean, how many other, like, how much more music do you need ? I mean, that’s sort of like… Besides Prince? It’s Prince and that, you know, it won’t… Listen, I’m really, you know, this thing’s coming in and out.
I can’t hear anything right now .
I don’t know if you can hear me .
Yeah, I can hear you, no problem.
Yeah, there must be something.
Your machine is messed up, dude .
[music] All right, well listen.
What else do we want to talk about at 3AM? Not in your talk.
You know, if you can hear me, I ’m thinking about buying a new computer just for this.
Yeah, buy a Mac.
Buy a Mac.
I can’t hear anything.
Buy a Mac.
Did you hear me? Hold on.
I heard you say, “Did you hit?” I said, “Buy a Mac. " Oh, buy a Mac.
Why would I want to do that? But you said Macs have the same problem.
What? This is so horrible.
I thought you said that Macs have the same problem.
Oh, you can hear me now again? Yeah.
Not as bad.
I can read what you’re writing.
I can’t hear you.
You can hear me fine.
No problem.
No problem at all.
So I should just talk.
What do I want to say? Well, yeah.
Boy, I would really like to get a computer that works.
That’s what I want to say.
Listen, if you can’t hear me, this is going to be useless.
I’ll tell you what.
This is funny that Steve Gil more said he really enjoyed all of our trials and tribulations trying to get that shit to work the other day.
Yeah, I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
I’m going to tell you what.
Right? Okay.
That’s it everybody.
We’ll catch you next time on trade secrets.
Let’s get the fuck out of here.
Bye bye everybody.
It’s trade secrets.
Throw ’em up.
It’s trade secrets now.
The doobiest cruise gun beats for you.
It’s trade secrets.
Trade secrets.
Trade secrets.
These heads will finally beep this.
Trade secrets.
Trade secrets.
You don’t need commerce speakers.
Trade secrets.